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Managing duties, conflicts and ethics for in house legal teams

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Managing duties and relationships for an in house lawyer can be very difficult – is it not just a case of doing the day job. There can be competing pressures and interests on advising on legal risk; not least issues can be influenced by group structures, dominant personalities, political leverage and competing corporate objectives. Our training on Managing duties, conflicts and ethics for in house legal teams sets out clearly what the various duties and responsibilities are and allow for facilitated discussion around case studies to create pathways for resolving conflict and acting ethically which will strengthen your organisation’s corporate governance leading. The output being an increase in performance and effectiveness at individual and organisational level.

Course aims

During an interactive and engaging session we will provide:

This course can be delivered in person or virtually to your legal team. This can either be delivered as a full day or half day and can be tailored to particular issues or situations within your own organisation.

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Please contact Sam Greenhalgh for further information.

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