Vision, Culture and People

We have a firm-wide commitment to good governance based on respect for our clients and our people.

Our vision and innovative delivery of the law is defined by our next level law proposition. Our legal advice is informed by a clear understanding of the specific needs of the sector and the regulatory and political backdrop. We work with our clients as a proactive partner, horizon scanning and thinking ahead to the changes, challenges or opportunities that they may face.

We seek to innovate in all our practices; our focus is on investing in the right technology to deliver effective solutions to help our clients achieve their objectives.

What you can expect working with Birketts

Operating as one collaborative firm, we encourage all our people to be professional and client-focused; to act with transparency and integrity; to be enterprising, and to proactively look for innovative ways to support our clients; whilst taking pride in all that they do.

Our core values underpin our service culture

Taking pride

  • We take pride in explaining complex legal matters in a straightforward way and in providing practical, actionable advice.
  • We aim to deliver consistent service excellence, that always exceeds expectations.
  • We take pride in being responsive and proactive in our communication. 

Doing the right thing

  • We are always empathetic, trustworthy and professional, doing what is best for both clients and colleagues.
  • We make everything clear from the start, being transparent and upfront about timetables, processes, outcomes and costs.
  • In everything we do, we act with integrity.


  • We invest time in understanding you, your business and sector to help you achieve your strategic objectives and to build a strong relationship with you.
  • We always seek to see things from your perspective.
  • We genuinely care about your interests and want to be a trusted advisor that you can rely on for advice.

Always enterprising

  • We are always ready to embrace new ideas whether it is investing in new technology or adopting improved ways of working.
  • We always look beyond the obvious and seek out opportunities to add value, operating as a proactive partner.
  • We always seek to leverage our network to connect people.
  • We regularly seek feedback from our clients, and are quick to implement change.

Birketts LLP is practical, approachable, and strives to deliver the best commercial outcome.

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Contact Us
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