This course provides delegates with an understanding of the different types of construction contract available and the key issues regarding the administration of construction contracts. This course will also give delegates an overview of the different types of dispute that can arise out of a construction contract and how these can be avoided.


This course is particularly suited to those working in local authorities who are involved in negotiating, operating or otherwise dealing with construction contracts. 

Course outline

The course is split into six parts over one day and covers the following topics.

Part 1 – Introduction 

A look at the different forms of procurement available to local authorities, together with the most appropriate form of contract for each procurement option.

Part 2 – JCT contracts 

This part focusses specifically on the JCT suite of contracts including the different types of contract and when best to use them. It also looks at the technical documents as well as ancillary documents together with why amendments to the standard forms may be required.

Part 3 – Other forms of contract 

After discussing the JCT suite, other forms of contract available are considered, together with issues to consider when choosing the most appropriate contract for works.

Part 4 - Professional appointments 

This part looks at appointing professionals and the forms of appointment available together with key issues to consider before entering into appointments.

Part 5 – Administration of the contracts

Delegates then consider how construction contracts are administered including who has responsibility for contract administration and key issues to look out for.

Part 6 – Disputes 

The course ends with a discussion of war stories and warnings of issues that local authorities may need to be aware of.

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