Birketts distributes over £55,000 to local charities during the COVID-19 crisis

16 April 2020

Birketts has announced that it has been able to donate an impressive £55,000 to local communities through Birketts' Charitable Fund.

Birketts’ charitable giving helps to provide support to community groups in each of the counties with a Birketts’ presence, namely Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex. These community foundations distribute financial support to local charities with the aim of improving the quality of people's lives and funding essential services for those in need.

Birketts’ makes an annual donation to each of the community foundations across the region. In addition to this, they have at this time made an additional donation of £55,000 to the funds to help the community foundations’ efforts to support local charities working in the front line of the COVID-19 crisis. 

Grace Kerr, Chair of the CSR Committee at Birketts commented: “A central part of the Birketts’ ethos is demonstrating that we care about making a positive impact beyond the workplace. As the country enters a time of unprecedented uncertainty, Birketts remains committed to funding vital community projects which, now more than ever, provide a lifeline for the local community.”

Jonathan Agar, CEO said: “Birketts is proud to do all it can to support the wider community as well as its staff – CSR is a significant part of our core values and underpins everything we stand for. As the nation faces a very challenging time, it’s vital that we help those who need it the most, providing support to the communities in which we live and work.”