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Melis is a Counsel in our Shipping and International Trade Team. She is specialised in Shipping, International Trade Law, Conflict of Laws and Jurisdiction and International Commercial Arbitration. She takes instructions on legal matters in these fields, including:

  • Charterparty disputes 
  • Cargo claims (under bills of lading or other types of transport documents)
  • Commodities trading 
  • International sale of goods 
  • Letters of credit
  • Marine Insurance 
  • International commercial arbitration 
  • Sale of ships

Melis is also a law academic at UCL laws, where she is the specialism convenor for postgraduate maritime law studies. At UCL, she convenes the two core shipping modules, carriage of goods by sea and international trade law, and co-convenes the international arbitration law module. She also delivers seminars to legal professionals and those working in the shipping and trade industry. 

Melis is a member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, a supporting member of the LMAA (London Maritime Arbitrators’ Association), and a member of the CMI (Comite Maritime International) Working Group on Unmanned Vessels. 

Her publications include:

  • Editor and co-author, Commercial Maritime Law (2020, Hart Publishing)
  • Co-author, Right to Delivery of Goods under Contracts of Carriage (2020, Hart Publishing)
  • Co-author, EU Transport Law (2016, Hart-Nomos-Beck)
  • Author, Bills of Lading Incorporating Charterparties (2015, Hart Publishing)
  • Co-author, Maritime Law Evolving (2013, Hart Publishing)

Melis has delivered papers at various international events and conferences, including: 

  • Annual Roebuck Lecture, 04/06/2015, London
  • London Maritime Arbitrators Association Spring Seminar, 06/05/2015, London
  • Singapore Chamber of Maritime Arbitration Conference, 23/10/2015, Singapore
  • The Maritime Law Conference, Brazilian Bar Association, 26/27/08/2015, Brazil

Prior to her academic career in the UK, Melis worked as an in-house lawyer in Turkey, dealing with a wide range of contentious and non-contentious commercial disputes. 

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