It is an unfortunate reality of commercial life that even the best managed business can end up involved in a commercial contract dispute.

At one end of the spectrum you might have a simple dispute arising out of an unpaid invoice, while at the other end you might have a complex multi-party dispute relating to the manufacture and supply of defective goods.

Sometimes damages are not an adequate remedy, or a client will have reason to believe that assets may be disposed of before any judgment can be enforced, or incriminating documents destroyed once a claim is issued. Our team's procedural knowledge and our tactical awareness enables us to use the court system to our clients' best advantage. We have experience obtaining freezing injunctions, search orders, anti-suit injunctions, delivery up orders, prohibitive injunctions (particularly in the area of intellectual property), Quia Timet injunctions and other remedies designed to protect our clients' interests where there is no option but to act quickly.

Not all disputes need to end up at a court hearing. We take a constructive and creative approach to the resolution of disputes, offering a tailored solution whilst keeping an eye on our clients' longer term commercial interests. We have considerable experience of High Court and County Court litigation as well as all forms of alternative dispute resolution. In particular, our litigators have had great success in resolving complex, high value and potentially very damaging commercial contract disputes quickly, cheaply and effectively through mediation. 

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