Do your managers:

  • know how the consent requirements have changed under GDPR?
  • know when marketing content can be sent without consent?
  • understand the rights that individuals have in respect of marketing?
  • appreciate the risks of failing to comply with the marketing rules?


Since the advent of GDPR, the activities of marketing teams have come under the spotlight. A huge number of organisations have reacted by dramatically culling their marketing databases, some quite correctly but many others entirely unnecessarily. Some organisations have chosen to engage in extensive re-consent exercises with mixed results. Others have elected to turn a blind eye and pursue a “business as usual” approach. In an era of increased awareness and sensitivity, misunderstanding and misapplying the rules can at best alienate the very customers you are trying to reach out to and, at worst, see you at the receiving end of a hefty fine from the Regulator.

Many marketing teams are, quite understandably, struggling to achieve compliance with the complex web of rules that apply to marketing communications. With different rules applying depending upon the type of recipient, your previous relationship with them and the means of communication you have chosen to use, it is of little surprise that confusion is rife.

The aim of this course is to ensure that your marketing team fully understands how the complex marketing rules under the GDPR and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations work and are able to confidently and accurately apply these in practice.


The objectives of this half day course are to ensure that delegates:

  • understand the steps they should go through to create a compliant marketing campaign;
  • understand the requirements around consent, the soft opt-in and legitimate interests and the circumstances in which each may be used;
  • understand the different rules that apply when undertaking business to business and business to consumer marketing;
  • understand the rights that individuals have to control the marketing content they receive; and
  • appreciate the implications of a breach for your company.

Course outline

  1. The eight steps to compliant communications.
  2. Which legal ground and when to use it? Understanding and working with consent, the soft opt-in and legitimate interest.
  3. Marketing to other businesses.
  4. Rights and risks - what rights do individuals have in relation to marketing and what risks does the organisation run if, it fails to comply?

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