Some clients visiting us for the first time about their relationship difficulties may have a good idea of the outcome they would like to achieve.  Others have no idea what to expect at all. Part of our job is to provide clear information about the various legal processes which are available – mediation, collaboration, constructive negotiation and court proceedings.

With our guidance you can choose from a variety of ways to approach the discussions and negotiations in order to increase your chances of achieving a successful outcome.


Mediators help couples identify issues and explore options. They are neutral and do not give advice about an individual’s position. Mediation is a confidential process and is generally thought to be the most cost effective way of sorting things out.


In the collaborative family law process, you appoint your own collaboratively trained lawyer to arrange face to face meetings in place of the traditional way of negotiating by letter or phone. This process is confidential and tends to be considerably less expensive than court proceedings. 

Constructive negotiation

Where distance makes mediation or collaboration too expensive or difficult, you can still hold dignified and constructive negotiations through correspondence and telephone calls. This process is confidential.

Court proceedings

Ultimately, if you can’t resolve your difference any other way you may need a judge to make a decision. For example in cases where there is an urgent need to protect people or property. Court proceedings are very adversarial and not completely confidential. Invariably it is the most expensive process.

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