Natural Capital

Our Natural Capital Team is at the forefront of advising clients and professionals on all elements of Natural Capital.

We work with clients looking to achieve their sustainability ambitions incorporating, amongst other themes, carbon net zero, biodiversity, nutrient neutrality and rewilding.

With more than 10 experienced Natural Capital lawyers, we specialise in delivering Natural Capital projects, including collaborative arrangements, and we guide clients through the opportunities that exist whether their aims are to provide environmental, social or commercial benefits.

Our experience and client base

We recognise that landowners and farmers are increasingly identifying the importance of utilising Natural Capital as part of achieving long-term, sustainable, responsible businesses that they can be proud of.

We work with landowners, farmers, developers, brokers, habitat bank providers and local planning authorities offering guidance on environmental unit sale and purchase agreements, offset and mitigation agreements, setting up models and suites of documentation for habitat bank providers, entering into and securing conservation covenants, habitat management agreements and plans, and setting up nutrient neutrality catchments.

Our expertise

  • Environmental Unit Sale and Purchase Agreements – assisting developers, landowners and brokers in preparing agreements to capitalise on environmental units
  • Offset and Mitigation Agreements – in all areas of biodiversity net gain, nutrient neutrality and carbon capture
  • Habitat Bank Providers – setting up models and suites of documentation to assist both landowners and habitat bank providers in documenting arrangements
  • Conservation Covenants – our leading experts can assist in the process of preparing, entering into and securing conservation covenants and all other environmental planning considerations
  • Habitat Management Agreements and Plans – assisting landowners, developers and habitat bank providers in preparing agreements to ensure delivery of natural capital projects
  • Nutrient Neutrality Catchments – assisting developers and local planning authorities with the planning requirements along landowners and developers in setting up the arrangements to put in place offsetting projects
  • Landscape Recovery Projects – assisting landscape recovery projects in creating legal entities and entering into blended finance arrangements for the delivery of recovery works
  • Green finance
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Contact Us
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