Self Build Housing

Undertaking a self-build or a custom-build project involves becoming a developer, on a smaller scale.

 A self-builder needs to consider various issues such as planning, buying the site, obtaining funding to build the house/unit, putting in place the contract appointing a builder, putting in place guarantees for the work they do, and often then a sale. It may not necessarily be complicated and much will depend on the quality of information available from a seller, however each step of the development process is vital to the project’s success.    

With a team dedicated to supporting self-builders drawing on the expertise and experience of a full-service law firm, we guide and advise clients through the buy, plan, build, hold/sell cycle. We have also a developing resource network of people and companies operating in the self-build community. 

Self-build projects will involve our PropertyBanking and FinanceConstruction and Planning teams who work closely together to achieve the most practical outcome for our clients looking to develop a single or multiple plots of land. 

More experienced self-builders are now taking on smaller development sites of multiple plots, and our team is helping advise on structuring the vehicle they use, whether as a sole trader, LLP or company, to make the projects tax efficient. There are an increasing number of companies offering pre-fabricated/off site constructed housing. There are also specialised development funding arrangements all of which need careful consideration. Knowing what they will require, and when, is very much part of what we can offer. 

We offer a bespoke service to assist you in meeting your self-build goals, whilst giving funders, sellers, and you, a team who will coordinate the legal aspects of the project to a timescale to meet your requirements. We are aware of the cashflow requirements of projects and are more than happy to discuss flexible terms to dovetail payments to the release of funds.

If you would like to discuss a project and or what the self-build team can offer please contact Jeremy Stanton.

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