IT systems, hardware and software development

The digital landscape within which we all operate is continually changing. Hardware for users is getting smaller and more portable, yet growing ever more powerful.

IT Systems, Hardware and Software Development

Hardware for businesses is increasingly being replaced by cloud based services. Software, while still being provided via traditional software licensing, is now being increasingly utilised via software as a service models. The delivery of software, while traditionally provided via disk, is now more likely to be delivered by way of digital download from the web.

We assist a wide range of clients on their changing requirements within such an ever changing environment. They include clients producing hardware solutions, hardware components, software, and service delivery solutions.

Examples of the type of work we undertake are drafting and advice on:

  • Software development agreements
  • Hardware supply agreements
  • IT joint ventures
  • Software as a service offerings
  • Agreements with cloud service providers
  • Consultancy agreements
  • Mobile app licence terms
  • End user licence agreements
  • Software licensing
  • OEM agreements
  • Maintenance and support agreements
  • Escrow arrangements.

In addition to the above, we help our clients with advice to help integrate their digital and hardware offerings within broader legal frameworks, to ensure their delivery does not fall foul of the obligations imposed by data protection, consumer regulation and competition law requirements.

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