International Corporate Tax

International Corporate Tax

With many of our clients having international interests, our Corporate Tax Team is able to provide advice in a wide range of scenarios.

The tax consequences of overseas employees coming to work in the UK, and the social security obligations of a UK subsidiary to staff seconded from a sister company in Europe are areas of expertise.


We also have a clear understanding of the VAT consequences where supplies of goods and services are made in other jurisdictions. For example, we can give advice on the UK VAT liability of a US company providing services in the UK, or the VAT consequences for a Canadian company receiving services from a UK company.  


Overseas businesses trading in the UK need to understand their tax obligations and the merits of trading through a branch or a UK incorporated company. We have also advised EU and non-EU resident businesses in respect of the UK corporation tax, VAT and employment tax positions to enable the overseas business to make a suitable commercial decision.


We have advised numerous non-UK resident clients of the tax implications of acquisition of UK property.


Many of the company sales and purchases on which we advise involve other jurisdictions. IT is important to engage with overseas advisers, because many countries have tax anomalies that are not replicated in the UK.

Birketts is part of the International Advisory Group(IAG) network of professional firms, which we can use to help our clients access quality advice across the globe. In addition, the members of our corporate tax team have valuable personal and professional experience living overseas and working for international firms.