Construction Law Basics

Why choose this course?

The course is in two parts: the first covers legal principles and the second provides an overview of the Construction Act and dispute resolution considerations. This course is particularly suited to contractors and sub-contractors, but is useful for any party that is involved in negotiating, operating or otherwise dealing with construction contracts. This course gives delegates a general understanding of key legal issues that arise while negotiating and operating construction contracts.

Course Content

Part 1

  • An understanding pre-contract offer and acceptance
  • An overview of the different forms of procurement
  • An overview of the types of construction contracts
  • Review of common terms found in construction contracts
  • An overview of condition precedent clauses and the current case law position in this area
  • An overview of assignment and novation of construction contracts and/or professional appointments
  • An understanding of considerations around taking possession, practical completion, delay, damages and claims for loss and/or expense
  • A review of ancillary documentation and insurance issues

Part 2

  • Understanding payment mechanisms with reference to the Construction Act requirements
  • Overview of the right of suspension under the Construction Act
  • An explanation of the adjudication process
  • Consideration of other forms of dispute resolution and alternative dispute resolution
  • Consideration of types of claim: “smash and grab”, defects, true value and delay claims
  • A look at potential areas of dispute which arise out of construction contracts and how to seek to avoid these

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