Employment Essentials for Managers

Employment Essentials for Managers

Do your managers:

  • Understand employment issues within the workplace?
  • Know what employees’ rights are during and after the employment relationship?
  • Feel confident in dealing with tricky and high risk situations?
  • Recognise which policy or procedure should be referred to in any given situation and know what it says?


This course provides a practical overview of key areas of employment law that are frequently encountered by organisations on a day to day basis. Generally managers do not have any HR or employment law training so this course is aimed at giving them a broad overview of the key concepts and processes that best practice dictates should be adopted.

Managers on the front line have to make immediate decisions on how to deal with situations and can be involved in matters which become protracted; such as managing sickness absence or a complex disciplinary investigation. It is therefore vital that managers have a level of understanding of what is expected of them as representatives of the organisation so as to protect it, themselves and manage employees effectively. 

Learning outcomes

The objective of this half-day workshop is to ensure that delegates:

  • Are able to distinguish what is a contractual term and what is policy.
  • Understand key concepts of discrimination law.
  • Are aware of employee’s rights when requesting shared parental leave and flexible working and the grounds on which these requests can be refused.
  • Appreciate what an Employment Tribunal would consider when assessing fairness if the matter developed into a claim.
  • Understand the concepts of fairness and reasonableness which underpins disciplinary, capability and grievance investigations. 

Course outline

  1. The legal framework – common law, statutory rights, contractual rights.
  2. The employment contract – express, implied and customary terms.
  3. Introduction to discrimination
    • Protected characteristics
    • Types of discrimination
  4. Dismissals
    • Wrongful
    • Constructive
    • Unfair  
  5. Managing discipline 
    • Misconduct vs gross misconduct
    • Procedural steps
  6. Managing grievance
    • Procedural steps  
  7. Managing Capability
    • Sickness absences
    • Performance management
    • Reasonable adjustments

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I have gained much useful knowledge and understanding from today’s training.

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