Employment Law Essentials for HR Professionals

A bite sized employment law training course designed to fit in with work and life commitments aimed at HR professionals or those with HR responsibility in their organisation.

Employment Essentials for HR Professionals

As the title suggests, this course is aimed at HR professionals and is delivered in 12 half day sessions over the course of a year (one half day course per month). Each module will take a topic that is designed to provide delegates with working knowledge of employment law, in a way that you can use practically within your organisation. There will be a certain level of assumed knowledge with a heavy focus on how HR professionals have to manage employment law issues and best HR practice alongside the commercial objectives and requirements of the organisation. 

What topics are covered?

The modules are:

1. Employment Status 
2. Employment Contracts and Policies 
3. Restrictive Covenants 
4. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion 
5. Managing Investigations 
6. Managing Disciplinaries 
7. Managing Disabilities 
8. Performance management 
9. Redundancy 
10. Collective Consultation 
11. TUPE 
12. Protected conversations/ settlement agreements 

How does the course operate?

  • Option 1: We run this course as a public course on a “pay by seat” basis, which is great for those that wish to network with peers. You will join a group of up to 12 delegates from other organisations and have the opportunity to obtain different perspectives to common issues and situations facing the HR professional. The same delegates will attend each module so you will quickly develop a working relationship with them. 
  • Option 2 (public sector): As above, we run this course as a public course but aimed specifically at HR professionals in the public sector. Delegates will get all the benefit of networking with fellow HR professionals within the sector and have the benefit of tailored materials specific to the sector.
  • Option 3 (in house): For large HR teams we can run this course as a closed group for up to 12 delegates. With this option we are able to tailor materials to specific issues that the organisation may be facing e.g. managing case work, recruitment issues or industrial relations issues. We can also be flexible with the modules that we cover.

How is the course delivered?

Course delivery can either be in person at our offices (or your offices if it is just for your organisation) or virtually. The materials the delegates will get to take away will be a valuable resource for their current and future HR practice. 

For more information on this course please contact Sam Greenhalgh, Legal Director and Head of Shaping Excellence.

I have gained much useful knowledge and understanding from today’s training.

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