The Public Sector Equality Duty

The Public Sector Equality Duty

Is your organisation:

  • Part of the public sector or carrying out public functions with public funding;
  • Concerned with providing a goods or services to the public or a section of the public; and
  • Proactively embedding the public sector equality duty into their processes and procedures.


Public bodies and those carrying out public functions and/or in receipt of public funds have a higher equality duty than other organisations. This is known as the ‘public sector equality duty’ which requires organisations to ensure that they take steps to eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation prohibited by the Equality Act 2010, advance equality of opportunity for those that share specific protected characteristics and those who do not and foster good relations between those that share specific protected characteristics and those that do not. On the face of it this sounds a relatively straight forward vision to adopt but understanding the granular detail of what is required is difficult, often misunderstood and organisations often do not go far enough to promote these ideals. Furthermore, organisations often do not do enough to evidence their compliance with their obligations to demonstrate that they live and breathe the duty as part of the organisation’s DNA. 

Furthermore, organisations (not just public bodies) who are providing goods and services have a duty to do so free of unlawful discrimination. Again, the concept is quite straight forward but putting it into practice and evidencing it is hard. 

Delegates leave this course with a comprehensive understanding of what the public sector equality duty is, how it applies to their organisation and how they can go about evidencing the discharge of this duty. Delegates are therefore in the best position to put in place the enablers to make the organisation and its stakeholders flourish and prosper through the advantages that equality and diversity brings as well as discharging its legal obligations. 


The objective of this workshop is to ensure that delegates:

  • Understand the public sector equality duty;
  • Understand how it applies to their organisation;
  • Have the opportunity and space to consider how best it can be ‘lived’ by the organisation;
  • Have practical take away points to evidence how the public sector duty is alive and being discharged within the organisation. 

Course overview

  1. Setting the scene – what is the public sector equality duty and why does it matter?
  2. What is required to comply with the public sector equality duty and put it in to practice;
  3. Explore areas of challenge to internal processes and procedures.

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