Managing Recruitment

Managing Recruitment

Do your managers: 

  • Understand how to frame job descriptions and job adverts?
  • Understand how to deal with the protected characteristics in the recruitment process?
  • How to deal with pre-employment health questions?
  • Understand how to give fair and legal references?


This course provides practical advice and guidance covering the key areas during the recruitment process.  Job applicants are protected by discrimination law as well as employees so this course will provide an overview of what is expected from the recruitment process (and what is not) in order to equip those who recruit with the tools they need to ensure that your organisation is well placed to deliver a fair recruitment process.

Learning outcomes 

The objective of this half-day workshop is to ensure that delegates:

  • Understand how to manage the recruitment process taking in to account protected characteristics;
  • Are aware of how to phrase job adverts and descriptions without exposing the organisation  to discrimination claims; 
  • Appreciate how to ask questions effectively and fairly in a job interview;
  • Understand the rules around health questions;
  • Are able to confidently approach requests for references; and 
  • Have an understanding of unconscious bias and how this can affect the recruitment process.

Course Outline

1. Protected characteristics
2. Advertising 
a. Internal/External advertising
b. Content of adverts 
c. Common pitfall: age discrimination 
3. Heath questions 
a. General rule
b. Positive action 
c. Permitted reasons 
4. Job interviews 
a. Content and questions 
b. Record keeping 
5. Job offers 
a. Content of job offers 
b. Conditions of job offers 
6. References 
a. Content 
b. Common pitfalls 
c. Data protection 
7. Work checks 
a. Criminal record checks 
b. Right to work checks (overview)
8. Unconscious bias 
a. Types 
b. Impact
c. Action

Course content will always be tailored specifically to your organisation.

To discuss your specific requirements please contact our Sam Greenhalgh.

I have gained much useful knowledge and understanding from today’s training.

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