Moving to a High Performance Culture

Why choose this course?

Managers have a raft of reasons for failing to manage performance effectively and consistently, this can be other more pressing priorities, an excessive work load, but it can also be a lack of knowledge and confidence in handling difficult conversations.

On this course we look at your organisations performance aspirations, we look at proactive performance management including identifying and celebrating brilliant performers and working out how to move towards high performance being the norm. This course provides a blueprint for managing both great and weaker performance, we will cover removing obstacles to those difficult conversations and promoting transparency in all areas of performance management.

Course Content

  • Understanding the legal and commercial advantages of pro-active performance management
  • Removing obstacles to a difficult conversation
  • Looking at capability policies and procedures – how to follow a fair capability management procedure
  • What is a fair capability dismissal – where do employers typically go wrong?
  • Understanding the dividing line between a conduct and capability process
  • The key requirements when considering an ill health capability dismissal

To discuss your specific requirements and get a quote, please contact Sam Greenhalgh, Partner and Head of Shaping Excellence or Jonathan Shevlane, Employment Law Trainer.

I have gained much useful knowledge and understanding from today’s training.

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