Training Your Employee Representatives

Do your employee representatives

  • understand what their role is and the part they play in shaping the organisation’s future?
  • know the legal framework within which they will operate?
  • have the ability to distinguish between their role as a representative and that of an employee, colleague and friend?


Have any of your employee representatives ever had any specific training on exactly what their role is or have they arrived to the position by happenstance? Do they understand the remit in which they can act and how to behave as an employee representative?

This course examines the role of the employee representative closely and covers how an employee representative should act and what their obligations are on a practical basis against the backdrop of the legal framework governing their role.

Whether newly appointed or having performed the role for some time this course is ideal for your employee representatives to ensure their function is as efficient and effective as possible to meet the changing needs of your organisation.


The objective of this half-day workshop is to ensure that delegates:

  • understand the legal framework within which they operate
  • understand what their role is as an employee representative and the difference between ‘information’ ‘consultation and ‘negotiation’
  • are aware of the professional boundaries and limitations of the role
  • are prepared for the consultation process.

Course overview

  1. What is consultation and what does ‘meaningful consultation’ mean?
  2. When does the legal duty to collectively consult arise?
    • Transfer of an undertaking (TUPE)
    • Large scale redundancies
    • Changes to terms and conditions
  3. What is the role of an employee representative and a works council?
  4. Large scale redundancies
  5. Changes to terms and conditions
  6. Duty to inform and consult under the TUPE Regulations
  7. Rights of an employee representative

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Helpful to think about the issues and discuss with peers.

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