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What do our Summer Vacation Students have to say about life at Birketts?

As somebody who was fortunate enough to be accepted onto multiple vacation schemes across East Anglia when seeking a training contract, the Birketts’ internship programme stood over and above all others. The effort the firm and its employees went to in order to include me during a two week spell identified Birketts as my number one choice as the place I wanted to continue my legal training. When I was offered my training contract, the experience and flavour for the firm I experienced as an intern made it a foregone conclusion that I would accept my offer straight away.

Kristian Nelson, Associate

I took part in the first vacation scheme that Birketts offered and I recommend it wholeheartedly. During my two weeks I was able to sit in a variety of contentious and non-contentious, commercial and private client departments which really helped me determine what area of law I was interested in. Everybody in the firm was so welcoming and I didn’t feel as if I were on normal work experience. The tasks I completed directly relate to the tasks I am given as a trainee and so this vacation scheme really provides you with the chance to show what you can do! However, your time is not just spent working in different departments, you are encouraged to go out with the current trainees and people from all over the firm. You learn about what we as a firm are about, you can ask any question that you like and most importantly you get to observe and be a part of the friendly and inclusive atmosphere that Birketts encompasses. If you are looking for a vacation scheme that both lets you experience what life as a trainee is like and provides you the opportunity to socialise and ask questions, then you should definitely apply. I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

Anna Kelly, Associate

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