Grant of probate

It can be hard to cope when someone close to you dies. Let us help by providing you with the legal expertise you need at this difficult time.

Grant of Probate

Every estate is different and whether it is straightforward or involves the most complex of issues, such as trust structures, business or agricultural assets or overseas property, our experienced and helpful team will give advice tailored to your specific needs.

To deal with a deceased’s estate, it is often necessary for executors to obtain a grant of ‘Probate’ (if the deceased left a Will) or for next of kin to obtain a grant of ‘Letters of Administration’ (if the deceased left no Will). These court sealed documents confirm that the identified persons are responsible and entitled to deal with the deceased’s assets and liabilities. Our team can obtain the required document for you.

We can also calculate the estate’s Inheritance Tax liability (if any), ensuring that available reliefs are claimed, including Business Property Relief and Agricultural Relief.

Once the grant has been obtained, you might like us to assist you with the administration of estates.

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