ESG internal governance structure

Our ESG governance structure aligns with our overall organisational structure and ensures that both ownership of, and accountability for, our ESG activities are embedded at all levels of our organisation.

By engaging with relevant stakeholders, regularly reviewing progress, and leveraging the expertise of our ESG Committee and ESG Sub-Committees, we aim to drive continual improvement in our ESG performance against our KPIs and targets.

Our accreditations which support the management of environmental and social issues are ISO accreditations for quality management (9001), environmental management (14001) and information security (27001).

ESG Roles, responsibilities and accountabilities

  • Partnership Board: Our Partnership Board is responsible for providing strategic direction to the ESG Committee and is ultimately accountable to the Partnership for the successful delivery of our ESG strategy.
  • ESG Committee: Our commitment to operating sustainably is managed by our ESG Committee, which reports into, the Partnership Board. Our ESG Committee meets on a quarterly basis and comprises our ESG pillar leads and representatives from key constituent parts of the firm. The Committee is led by Grace Kerr, who is a member of the Partnership Board and reports to the Board on behalf of the ESG Committee on a bi-annual basis. 
  • ESG Sub-Committees: Support on our six priority ESG topics is provided by specialised ESG Sub-Committees, which are led by our pillar leads.  The Sub-Committee leads report back to the ESG Committee on a quarterly basis. 

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