Do your trustees:

  • understand the specific statutory restrictions on disposals of charity land and know how to comply?
  • understand their duties when acquiring land or taking a lease for the charity?
  • know who holds legal title to your charity’s land or property?


This module provides charity trustees and senior managers with training on the key issues that they need to be aware of when dealing with the land owned by your charity.

Charity trustees are ultimately responsible for managing their charity’s assets properly and must ensure that their charity complies with the law relating to charity property. There are important legal constraints in relation to charity land, because it is often the most valuable asset owned by a charity and can be key to delivering its objectives.

The legal requirements when dealing with charity land are generally considered to be complex and burdensome for charities, but we aim to give you a clear overview understanding of the key issues you need to know about. Having this understanding is essential for forward planning of your charity’s property strategy and in order to avoid costly delays in transactions.

This module will be suitable for trustees who manage charity property, or finance or property professionals employed by charities.

Learning outcomes

The objective of this module is to ensure that delegates:

  • understand in outline the key issues affecting a charity’s ability to dispose of or acquire land or property
  • appreciate the significance of the charity’s governing document in the context of a property transaction
  • feel confident that they are complying with their legal duties in relation to the sale or acquisition of their charity’s property and know when to seek professional advice. 

Course outline

  1. Compliance with your constitution 
  2. Overview of the restrictions on disposals of charity property under the Charities Act 2011
  3. Overview of best practice on acquisition of property
  4. How property is held by different types of charity and the importance of identifying the legal owner
  5. Overview of property taxes for charities
  6. Case studies

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