Sectors and Industries

Different sectors can, and frequently, do have very different legal needs and issues. It is a clear case of 'one size not fitting all'.

We have always maintained that to deliver sector specific legal services of the highest quality, we need to be aware of the issues facing a particular sector. We have assembled groups of lawyers with an understanding of, and an interest in, industry specific issues. As a consequence, they are able quickly to cut to the chase and deliver advice which is tailored and relevant.

We know that our sector-based clients expect us to have a clear grasp not just of current issues but also of potential future changes that may impact upon their business. This monitoring of potential changes is a core service and one which we know has a positive impact.

While we have a proven track record in advising a whole range of clients from the sectors listed, this list is neither exclusive nor exhaustive so if your specific sector is not listed, please talk to us about how we can help.


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