Two homes, one Christmas Day

03 December 2019

It is never too early to broach the subject of Christmas arrangements, if you are a divorced or separated parent, with careful planning Christmas can be a season of enjoyment for adults and children.

First of all talk to the other parent about organising a schedule to address:

  1. Where are the children going to spend Christmas and New Year?
  2. How is the time to be shared between each parent’s house?
  3. Transport arrangements.

Importantly, put your children at the forefront of all your plans. You each may have a different set of traditions and rituals at Christmas, this can be a positive not a negative.

Talk through the arrangements with the other parent and think about what impact they will have on your children. Whilst parents and children alike want to see each other on Christmas Day sometimes this is not practical because of the distances involved, consider alternatives.

Think about coordinating presents to reduce the risk of tension and conflict between you and less stress for your children.

Family mediation can support your discussions and help you find a plan for the festive period.

For further information or to speak to one of our experienced mediation solicitors please contact Sarah Overy or another member of our Family Team.